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John Madden Football (1988)

Well, the story started back in 1988 when John Madden Football 1988 was released. At that time, it was one of the first (and one of the only) football video games.

John Madden Football (1990)

Not much, but a few bits and pieces were added.

John Madden Football II (1991)

Even though it was the third game, they named it John Madden Football II. A lot was changed in John Madden 1991. The texture of the players, and a whole bunch of other things.

John Madden Football '92 (1991)

The textures of the players changed a big, and now there was a play-selector at the top of the screen. Plus, there was a star under the player you were playing as.

John Madden Football '93 (1992)

Once again, the texture of the player was changed slightly. Plus, a new outline was made in '93.

Madden NFL '94 (1993)

You guessed it, the player texture changed, but this time it changed drastically. Also, the ball texture and the field texture were drastically, too.

Madden NFL '95 (1994)

Player textures edited. Again.

Madden NFL '96 (1995)

A few things were edited. The outline of the field was edited, the touchdown zone was edited, and a few other bits and pieces were, too.

Madden NFL 97 (1996)

Some things were changed and added. The ball texture was changed, and now there was a power and direction meter when you kicked the football.

Madden 64 (1997)

If your wondering why its called Madden 64 not Madden 98 or 97, it was released on the Nintendo 64. (Or the N64) But this was one of Madden's biggest updates. Everything from the graphics of the scoreboard to the team name in the end-zone, everything was changed.

Madden NFL '98 (1997)

Did Madden go back in time? Why are the graphics worse than Madden 64? Well, my best guess it that the game just looked better on the N64.

Madden NFL 99 (1998)

EA went back to what the graphics were like on the Nintendo 64 (Or N64, if your a nerd like me.)

Madden NFL 2000 (1999)

Now when a player made a good play, the stats, the name, and the face of the player would show up.

Madden NFL 2001 (2000)

With the turn of the century, EA brought some new features to their popular football video game. The font of most things were changed, such as the scoreboard and various other things.

Madden NFL 2002 (2001)

Mostly only updates feature-wise, graphics mostly stayed the same.

Madden NFL 2003 (2002)

The graphics were updated and some new features were implemented.

Madden NFL 2004 (2003)

In Madden 2004, a lot of things changed. Graphics were updated drastically. Now, you could view the records of a player, a list and the stats of Super Bowl I-XXXVII.

Madden NFL 2005 (2004)

Slight update graphics-wise, mostly the scoreboard was updated and new features.

Madden NFL 06 (2005)

Graphics, scoreboard, and some new features were updated a bit in Madden NFL 06.

Madden NFL 07 (2006)

The graphics in Madden NFL 07 were updated a good amounts, and it added a wind meter to show how much the wind will affect your throw.

Madden NFL 08 (2007)

In Madden NFL 08, the player texture was changed, the scoreboard changed, and the player name texture changed.

Madden NFL 09 (2008)

All graphics, game-wide changed. New features were also implented.

Madden NFL 10 (2009)

The graphics, the functionality, and features were added in Madden NFL 10. Also, Madden was released on mobile devices. (Only iOS at the time.)

Madden NFL 11 (2010)

Like normal, the graphics were updated, new features were added, and some other things, too.

Madden NFL 12 (2011)

The scoreboard moved from the bottom of the screen to the top, graphics changed, and other features and functions were implemented.

Madden NFL 13 (2012)

Graphics were updated, and new features were added.

Madden NFL 25 (2013)

With the 25th season of Madden Football (1988-2013) EA made Madden 25, with tons of graphics updates and new features.

Madden NFL 15 (2014)

With Madden NFL 15 came better graphics, more features, and plenty of other tidbits, too.

Madden NFL 16 (2015)

With Madden's 29th game came better graphics and new features.