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Geometry Jump (Pre-Release) (April 2013)

Geometry Jump was the first prototype for Geometry Dash. It contained a level that is now deleted, "Ultimate Destruction" featuring the song Ultimate Destruction by TMM43. This level was never actually implemented into the game, due to copyright purposes by the songs creator, TMM43. The level though, was remixed and turned into a level now known as "Base After Base" using the song Base After Base by DJVI. The original level still might have a chance at getting in the game, but Geometry Dash creator Robert Topala says it is doubtful.

Geometry Dash 1.0 (August 2013)

This was the first released version for Geometry Dash. It was created for iOS and Android. The version contained 7 levels, Stereo Madness, Back on Track, Polargeist, Dry Out, Base After Base, Cant Let Go, and Jumper. The songs of the levels are all of the same name, by (in order) ForeverBound, DJVI, Step, DJVI, DJVI, DJVI again, and lastly, Waterflame. These levels, consisting of very few objects, were the building blocks of Geometry Dash.

Geometry Dash 1.1 (October 2013)

With the second update of Geometry Dash came a new level, dubbed "Time Machine." The song was also called Time Machine, and was by music artist Waterflame. New objects were added, including mirror portals, which would reverse direction of the level. Also, the "lite" version of Geometry Dash was released, consisting of only 1 level, Stereo Madness.

Geometry Dash 1.2 (October 2013)

With the third version of Geometry Dash came a new game mode, Gravity Ball, which moves by flipping gravity when the screen is tapped. In total, 3 modes were in Geometry Dash: cube mode, rocket, and gravity mode. Also, the 9th level, Cycles, was introduced using the song Cycles by DJVI. In the lite version, Back on Track was implemented.

Geometry Dash 1.3 (November 2013)

Possibly the biggest update to Geometry Dash so far, it included a new level, xStep, (Song, xStep by DJVI) and added the star system. Now, you would get "stars" from completing a level. The easier the level, the less stars you get, and the harder the level, the more stars you get.

Geometry Dash 1.4 (December 2013)

With the 5th major update to Geometry Dash came a new level, Clutterfunk (Song: Clutterfunk by Waterflame.) A new object shrinks the player.

Geometry Dash 1.5 (January 2014)

The sixth major update of Geometry Dash added a new level, Theory of Everything. (Song Theory of Everything by DJ-Nate.) Also, a new mode, the UFO was added, which adds upward velocity with every tap. This may have been inspired by the game "Flappy Bird." Also, Theory of Everything introduced purple jump rings, causing smaller jumps than yellow and blue jump rings. This update also included a new "Demon" rating for custom levels, though no Demon levels were made until 1.6.

Geometry Dash 1.6 (March 2014)

With the 7th major update to Geometry Dash, released March 2014, came new features and 2 new levels titled Electroman Adventures and the first official demon level, Clubstep. A big change in this update was the addition of 3 secret coins per level, which, if you had enough could get you icons, ships, balls, and UFOs. Plus, map packs were introduced, containing 3 levels per map pack. Also, new blocks were added in this update which would fade out once you were near them.

Geometry Dash 1.7 (May 2014)

The 8th major update to Geometry Dash added a new level, Electrodynamix, and new features. The new features included a mode where the player could speed up and slow down. This would become an important part of some custom levels.

Geometry Dash 1.8 (August 2014)

With the 9th major update of Geometry Dash came most notably a new mode, dubbed "Dual Mode" and the addition of Hexagon Force. (Song: -Hexagon Force- by Waterflame.) But also came the addition of slanted and sloped blocks, which became more useful in future updates.

Geometry Dash 1.9 (November 2014)

The 10th update of Geometry Dash added new levels, including Blast Processing and Theory of Everything 2. New features were added, most notable being wave mode. You move up and down by touching the screen. The player goes up once you tap the screen, and goes down when you released it. Theory of Everything 2 was the second official demon level. In Geometry Dash Lite, the level Time Machine was added.

Geometry Dash 2.0 (August 2015)

After almost a year of waiting, Geometry Dash 2.0 was released. Two new levels were added, Deadlocked and Geometrical Dominator. (Song: Geometrical Dominator by Waterflame and Deadlocked by F-777.) The biggest update so far, it added tons of new blocks and features in the level editor, such as the number of colors you could put in your level from 4 to infinite. It also added the ability to move objects with a single block, called the move block. This was much easier than moving objects in 1.9. New types of spikes were added, mainly the dragon spike, which would chomp at you. A new type of jump ring was added, the green jump ring, which would switch gravity. Also, A new type of mode was added, dubbed "robot mode". Tons of new backgrounds and ground sprites were added, also the ability to make your own. Tons of new icons, ships, balls, UFOs, waves, and robot icons were introduced. Also, 2.0 added the feature to teleport players. Plus, F-777 debuted as a Geometry Dash music artist. A new type of user coin was added, which was like a normal secret coin, but could be used in custom levels. Keys were added in 2.0, which could cause a chain reaction in levels.

Geometry Dash Meltdown (December 2015)

Geometry Dash Meltdown is an expansion app by Geometry Dash creator Robert Topala, or RobTop. It currently has 3 levels, The Seven Seas, Viking Arena, and Airborne Robots.

Geometry Dash 2.1 (?)

With the 11th major update of Geometry Dash comes a spider-like creature. This update is not currently out, but there have been a few screenshots and teasers. It is rumored that the song Fingerbang by MDK will be the song chosen for the new level.


The Vault

The vault is a secret chamber of Geometry Dash, accessed by going to the settings, and clicking on the lock in the top right corner. You will need 10 user coins to access the vault. Once you enter the vault, there is a space that lets you type in a code. So far, there are 11 known secret codes.

List of codes:

  • Lenny - Gives you an icon with a lenny face on it.
  • Spooky - Gives you an icon with a shyguy face on it.
  • Players Username - Gives you an icon with a small hole in it.
  • Mule - Gives you a ship.
  • Blockbite - Gives you a UFO with a face on it.
  • Neverending - Gives you a UFO with spikes on it.
  • Ahead - Gives you a wave similar to a birds-eye-view of a spaceship.
  • 8, 16, 30, 32, 46, 84 (Consecutively) - Gives you a wave similar to the cube given to you once you type in your username.
  • Robotop - Unlocks a robot.
  • Scary - Unlocks a secret coin.
  • Gandalfpotter - Unlocks a trail.

Practice Mode

Practice mode is a setting for Geometry Dashers to learn the layout of a level. It is accessed by going in to the level, pausing it, and pressing the green rhombus. It enables you to have checkpoints.


Achievements are a feature of Geometry Dash that is unlocked by completing certain tasks or objectives. There are currently 182 achievements in Geometry Dash, not counting the 2 steam-exclusive achievements. They are often objected by map packs, completing official levels, and beating demon levels.

Map Packs

Map packs were introduced during update 1.6 with 14, and 14 more were added in 1.7. Each pack consists of 3 levels, ranging from easy to demon. Once you complete a map pack, you will either get 1 or 2 coins depending on which map pack. There are currently 60 map packs as of update 2.0.

Level Editor

The Geometry Dash level editor is one of the most popular of features of the game. In this feature, anyone could create a level of their choice. Currently, there is over 13 million levels, the most popular of which is Level Easy by Cody. It is the first level in the map pack "Beginner Pack." Most levels are rated N/A and are tiny and short. The first level, or the first surviving level, is called "1st level" by the user "Storm."